The Boss of Everything - Super Rica and Rashy

Super Rica and Rashy created by Paul Dini and Misty Lee are hugely popular on GoAnimate despite their creators only posting three animations thus far (at the time of writing this). That aside, their cartoons really showcase just how good a GoAnimate cartoon can be.

Naturally I had to try my own Super Rica and Rashy story and came up with a story based around the naughtier of the two monkeys, Rashy. Rashy gets into so much trouble it only seems natural that he'd get annoyed with being sent to his room as much as he is. Hence he longs to be the boss of everything.

In actual fact this animation didn't start out as a Super Rica and Rashy cartoon. I'd originally planned to use GoAnimate's, Classic Cartoons, little boy, Matt (pictured right), and have more of a Dennis the Menace theme going but it occurred to me that my ideas suited Rashy down to a tee.

One thing that I really like about this particular Rashy cartoon is the image of Rashy sitting behind the Bosses desk giving orders. It just suits him so well yet looks comical at the same time.

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