A Light Situation

GoAnimate introduced a beta feature called Text To Speech which allows your characters to speak with natural but still obviously computer generated voices. A Light Situation was not my first animation to use this feature (That claim to fame goes to The Bikini Proposal) however it is the first to use it without the speech balloons.

The animation its self is simply a random idea of Mr Wilson being 'beamed up' into the light fittings and plays out with a number of slightly surreal ideas. It was inspired by some of the alien props and characters on GoAnimate's site of which the beam up yellow light is one. Just seemed funny to beam someone up into the light fittings and then go from there.

As you can hear the voices aren't that great and lack proper expression. The system also struggles to pronounce less familiar words. Which is why I suspect the feature is still in beta testing after three months of it being introduced.

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