Bad Santa - The Unhappy Customer

It was that time of the year... well Christmas 2008 was fast approaching anyway. I hadn't tried GoAnimate's Christmas themed characters so I thought now was probably a good time.

At the same time I discovered classic GoAnimate character, Joyce, looked really cool with a humongous axe from the new Monsters theme. She clearly has a dark side with her green styled fashion sense.

Rather than create a typical Christmas animation with everyone all happy and smiling I liked the idea of an 'anti-Christmas' theme where Joyce plays the part of an unhappy customer... with a literal axe to grind!

Bad Santa - The Unhappy Customer

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This is one of my favorites so far because it's funny and a little off balance. You're never quite sure how it's going to end. Santa's already smashed the door in so he could be quite dangerous, yet Joyce is deadly serious brandishing that axe.

In one early version I toyed with the idea of actually turning it into a bit of a blood bath but decided, not only would it be too hard to do that well (the actions of the Christmas characters are quite limited) but also it seemed just a little too obvious.

What I like is that the ending is really ambiguous, returning the situation to a nervous stand off. It's left up to you to decide what happens next.

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