One Night In Paris

One Night in Paris is a short animation to showcase the blinking cat head that I created myself. The head is based on the cat face that appears in my artwork series Dangerous Career Cats.

There's nothing particularly impressive about this animation. It is, at best, mildly funny. I never had any plans for my cat head it was just something I created as a way of learning the free animation software called Pencil Animator. Which is the only free software I've found so far that can create animated shockwave files.

At the time of this post you still can't create your own characters for GoAnimate (the same as GoAnimate's own characters) however you can create animated heads for use with existing character bodies. Note that Pencil Animator is only suitable for creating animated props/heads for GoAnimate. It wasn't able to save files correctly for complete GoAnimate characters.

I do know the site is working on creating your own characters - having been able to test this feature as a GoAnimate Beta Tester. However it still has a lot of problems.

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