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One thing I notice a lot of in the early months of GoAnimate's launch was that a lot of animators had good stories to tell but didn't really know how to tell them in a way that was easy to follow.

Speech balloons had so much text in them it was either too small to read and/or you didn't have enough time to read it. As well, two or more characters would have speech balloons appearing at the same time with no logical order of reading them. Not even the conventions for speech balloons in comic books were being observed.

I figured that, because GoAnimate allowed even the most inexperienced of animators to get involved, a little bit of advice in the story telling department couldn't hurt. At the very least I might get to watch a few more animations all the way through because, hopefully, my advice would inspire some improved story telling.

The first thing I tackled was those long wordy speech balloons appearing in a single scene with no change of camera shot from begining to end. I decided to employ the use of two of GoAnimate's Classic Characters, Jay and James.

1. GoAnimate Better - The Scene

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My second animation tips, this time using Match Boy and Match Girl, was even more focussed on speech balloons but this time it demonstrated proper usage and conventions. I particularly like my 'slide in, slide out' scene changes in this:

2. GoAnimate Better - Speech Balloons

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Both these animations have been used by GoAnimate on their Video Tutorial page.

However, if you're a GoAnimate user and you want to get into some really advanced GoAnimate tricks and techniques, you can't go past these two following tutorials by GoAnimate user Conis.

It is intended that you copy these tutorials into the GoAnimate Studio editor to find out how the tricks are done. If you don't know how to do that then you're probably not ready to learn these tricks!

Conis: Animation tricks #1

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Conis: Animation Tricks #2

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