Street Fighter: Joyce fights Ryu!

The Street Fighter theme was released on GoAnimate and I have to admit I was underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong it's a great theme but I'm just not into the characters or the video game - especially not the game.

However, when you've been asked to be a beta tester for a web site then you do feel compelled to at least try things out. Naturally I wanted to do something a bit different stamped with my brand of humor.

I'd already established GoAnimate's in house character, Joyce, as a bit of a odd, rebel with attitude type of girl when I pitted her in stand off with Santa in
Bad Santa - The Unhappy Customer so she seemed a great match for Street Fighter's Ryu.

Joyce fights Ryu!

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The spare arm comes from GoAnimate's Monsters Mayhem theme. I kind of picture Joyce as a bit of a Goth who'd be completely unphased by dismembered body parts. Plus I think she would kind of like the intimidation factor of possibly attacking a foe with what might be the remains of your last victim.

If Joyce had a few more fight moves I'd definitely consider a rematch. I can totally see her wiping the floor with all those street fighter pussies!

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