Barack Begins, Episode 2, War

It's been quite some time since the first episode of Barack Begins (which I completed back in February of this year). However it was worth the wait before producing another episode because in that time President Obama announced that America would be sending more troops to Afghanistan. Something of a surprise announcement but great for me because that made it much easier for me to link Barack Begins to my previous series The Bikini Proposal (which was all about the war in Iraq).

This second episode of Barack Begins continues the theme of former President, George W. Bush, refusing to concede that he is no longer the President (he actually stated that he would give up playing golf whist he was President out of respect for U.S. Troops in Iraq).

It also links the dreaded economic downturn to war and how war can boost the economy. Something that many people believe is the real reason for prolonging the war in Iraq. Nation re-building creates jobs. Hence, the more you blow up, the more there is to rebuild. Pt 2: Barack Begins by etourist

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