Office Space Enters Xtranormal's Contest

Office space is a series I started on DIY animation site, Xtranormal, featuring two office workers, Steve and Vicki. Steve is a Waste Management Executive on the rise and Vicki is his some what jaded personal assistant. You can see episode 1 and 2 on my original Xtranormal post.

Episode 3 picks up just after Steve has presented his report to the Top Brass. He confronts Vicki with a number of issues...

Episode 4 (below) is the latest episode which I've entered into Xtranormal's first animation contest. The theme is relationships in celebration of Valentine's Day. There is a US$1000.00 dollar prize for the entry with the most views on Xtranormal's Youtube channel. The competition ends February 28th, 2011 so please help me out by sharing this animation as far and wide as you can.

In this episode Steve has another chance to present his report but Vicki is some what distracted from getting the job done. This one is a little more racier than previous episodes so parental guidance is recommended.


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