TET's GoAnimate Entry in Sydney Opera House Animation Competition

I've entered the Sydney Opera House's Graphic, Animation Competition. Submissions closed today and now there is on 2 DAYS for the public to vote for their favorite.

The field of entries isn't  that big (I'm estimating about 40 entries) and near as I can tell I'm the only GoAnimate Entry. FIRST ROUND PUBLIC VOTING CLOSES ON JULY 20 (OMG THAT'S ONLY 2 DAYS!!!).

Would you like to see a GoAnimate entry make it to round two in this prestigous competiton? Here's how you can help:
  1. To vote for my entry go to the competition page. Select 'VOTE'.
  2. Enter the name of my entry in the search box 'Relative Escape'.
  3. Then just give it a big green THUMBS UP! - Easy!
 I'd really appreciate your support. There's a AU$20,000 grant 1st prize on this.

I'll be posting my entry in this blog with some behind the scenes notes soon but for now if you want to see it, head over to the competition page and follow the instructions above.

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