Alvin the Owl - Embeded Movie Clips in Koolmoves

Alvin the Owl is a character that I originally designed for a business client as one of a selection of owl choices. This version didn't make the cut but I liked him so much I decided to animate him anyway. Eventually I'll release him as a community character on GoAnimate.

In creating Alvin I thought I'd show you how the character is constructed in Koolmoves. In particular how I made use of an embeded movie clip inside the main character movie clip to isolate the head animation from the rest of the body.

The embeded video below is a tour of Alvin's Koolmoves file for his 'standing' and 'stand and talk to camera' actions. It doesn't explain how the character was made (see some of my previous Koolmoves tutorials for that). If you're at this level of creating characters you should be able to work out for yourself how to embed a movie clip within a movie clip.

At the time of writing this blog post this is all that I've done in the way of animating Alvin. I will be adding more actions in the future and may show you more of the character's development in future posts.


  1. That was Great! Alvin looks wonderful.

    I need to go run through some of your other tutorials on KM's. I might have missed a few.

    as I was wondering how you get uploaded to GA as a character that will show all their different moves you can choose when they are selected.

    Thanks for another great video.

    1. Being able to upload a character with selectable actions (i.e. as a community character) is an ability only GoA Beta users were given to test out that very feature.

      Unfortunately GoA doesn't seem to be progressing the ability for allowing anyone to upload community characters so the majority can only upload characters and their individual actions as Flash props.

      Creating community characters is still an easy way to crash the studio if you get it wrong - which is why it hasn't been made available to everyone.


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