Bored Monkey - New Cartoon Art by TET

Long time readers may remember the Skate Monkey character I started creating for CrazyTalk Animator 2 towards the beginning of 2014. That project still remains unfinished because... Life/Business.

However, I've been trying to get back into drawing again (like with an actual pencil and paper) just to remind myself (and a few of my detractors for using GoAnimate) that I can actually draw. Also to further teach myself how to finish off my pencil drawings in Manga Studio. I really don't use that software enough to get what I learn to stick!

So for no other reason than I actually finished a drawing in Manga Studio of my Skate Monkey character, I present to you the series of images below showing how work progressed:

Pencil image scanned. Inking begins.

Inking done. Adjusting line thicknesses.

The finished image.

This actual image is intended to go on a skateboard - since that's where the character started out. I've also renamed the character from 'Skate Monkey' to 'Bored Monkey' because I think that name will have wider appeal should I ever manage to build any kind of brand with it.

Here's the full design below and what it looks like on a skateboard...

The full skateboard design.

Applied to a skateboard.

I do hope to be getting back to the animated version of the character in the coming months but for now I hope you enjoy this new image.

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