Hoot gives Cool Froyd a Sun Sign

Fellow GoAnimator, TheseStars is a big supporter of Cool Froyd putting aside quite a great deal of time to create a new GoAnimation analyzing Froyd's star charts to determine what his Sun sign might be.

As well as Froyd the video features TheseStars (as a whiteboard character), Stick Figure and Hoot the owl - a character that I animated for TheseStars using Koolmoves.

Watch the video below and then read on. Don't be put off by the length, those nine minutes will fly by!

The video wasn't intended for public viewing, or at least TheseStars was never quite sure about whether I'd want it made but public. However with so much work put into it, combined with an interesting way to present and analyze star charts, letting more people see it was more a question of why not?

There's a lot of custom work her including all those chart symbols, and Froyd's eye movements (not to mention that Hoot is a completely custom character too).

Personally I like watching how TheseStars brings Hoot to life with her voice work and the way she combines all those actions for Hoot that I created.

That said, it's also interesting to hear all about the meanings of the various different symbols and how they relate back to Froyd.

If you've enjoyed Hoot, Stick Figure and TheseStars in this animation then you can see them in several other animations on TheseStars website Videos From the Heart - you may like to order an animated slide show of memories whilst you're there. Could be a great holiday gift idea!

You may also like to buy a Cool Froyd or Hoot gift item from my CafePress Store.

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