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Men In Black - Part 3

My Men In Black parody series is a classic example of my script writing style. Way back in December of 2008, when I started the series on GoAnimate with Episode 1 , I could never have imagined where this story would go. By Episode 2 , Paul Dini's Little Rashy had become central to the plot as I started referencing two of my other animations ( The Boss of Everything and The Copier - Part 2 ) that feature Rashy on his quest to be the boss of everything . The key to my writing style is that I don't plan stories from start to finish. I just start them and see where the story and characters take me. By doing this I'm never daunted by the enormity of the script or how much work it might be to animate. At the same time I'm always thinking about what has happened previously in the story and seeing if I can relate the current story back to some of those references. MIB - Part 3 by etourist Like it? Create your own at . It's free and fun! As you can see in t

Domo Fishing and Farting - oh my!

The more I create Domo Animations the more I'm learning that fart humor has universal appeal... I'll get onto that later. The Domo Animate site is quite a challenge simply because you cannot upload any custom props, sounds, backgrounds... well anything at all really. So when I came up with the concept for Hungry Bear Goes Fishing I knew I was really going to have to get creative. Hungry Bear Goes Fishing by etourist Like it? Create your own at . It's free and fun! There's nothing within the Domo props section to simulate splashing water so that white wash you see in the animation is actually a group of clouds. Also if you're wondering about the sound effects then, again, I've chosen what I felt were the most appropriate sounds from what was available. Hungry bear goes fishing is probably my favorite of my Domo animations to date. Shortly after creating Hungry Bear Goes Fishing I noticed that the Domo Theme includes a rocket ship and a take off p

The GoAnimate Complaints Department

GoAnimate released its new Stick Figure theme to mixed reactions from 'love it' to 'there is not enough actions' prompting some spirited discussion in the site's forum . Notably, one popular animator reminded everyone that regardless of the theme's limitations (and the need to purchase many props with 'gopoints') people shouldn't lose sight of the fact that so much can be achieved with the site's studio at no cost to the user and that the staff are constantly working on improvements. One of the issues included the lack of fight movements on the figures as many GA members envisioned emulating some of the all time classic stick figure fight animations that can be found on YouTube . Undaunted, one of GA's favorite community members, Coady , created an animation to showcase that the new stick figure theme could get its fight on. In the midst of it all, I too, had noticed a general string of complaints being made that often came across as slig

How to Get Views on GoAnimate, The Evil Geinus Way

It turns out one way to get views really quickly on GoAnimate is to create an animation called How to Get Views, The Evil Genius Way!   The first episode received more than 240 views, 37 comments and 19 favorites and was a staff pick in the first four days of release. It's one of my fastest moving animations, in terms of popularity, since the first episode of my infamous The Bikini Proposal .  This new series currently features two diabolical schemes to artificially crank up the views on their creators newly completed animations. Unfortunately, as with all evil schemes, they just don't pan out the way they're supposed to.  This series of mine was inspired by a random forum post I wrote on GoAnimate's message boards as a response to Uchiha7 who asked the question How do you guys like Ludvig II , showtime , RG , Coady and others get so many views??? My response went like this: I shouldn't tell you this but... Ludvig II has a mountain top castle that is home to 10

Barack Begins, Episode 2, War

It's been quite some time since the first episode of Barack Begins (which I completed back in February of this year). However it was worth the wait before producing another episode because in that time President Obama announced that America would be sending more troops to Afghanistan. Something of a surprise announcement but great for me because that made it much easier for me to link Barack Begins to my previous series The Bikini Proposal (which was all about the war in Iraq). This second episode of Barack Begins continues the theme of former President, George W. Bush, refusing to concede that he is no longer the President (he actually stated that he would give up playing golf whist he was President out of respect for U.S. Troops in Iraq). It also links the dreaded economic downturn to war and how war can boost the economy. Something that many people believe is the real reason for prolonging the war in Iraq. Nation re-building creates jobs. Hence, the more you blow up, the more