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Featured Animator: Rocque - Baby New Year (Part 5)

Rocque GoAnimator Rocque is the September winner of my GoAnimate, Get Featured in TET's Blog contest . Rocque has had her account with GoAnimate since March of 2011 and in that time has amassed 915 followers and published 78 animations. Rocque chose to feature her animation Baby New Year (Part 5) , saying... "I chose this animation to feature because I think it is my favorite one so far out of the series that started as Baby New Year then was going into a series titled 2012 . It seems so long ago now. This one is special because of the incredible voice acting. I was honored to have Hollywood3514 , Latin Fire , J Files Graphics , and RoTV take time out of their busy schedules to lend voices. It was almost 6 minutes long and there were a lot of lines." Watch Rocque's animation below and then read about her inspiration and challenges in creating the video. Baby New Year Part 5 by Rocque on GoAnimate Inspiration... When 2011 was nearing its

Business Animation: Your Terrible Script, How to Make It Better

I can't begin to describe how hard it is to work on a business explainer animation that has a terrible script. The script that the client wrote so they don't have to pay me to write it properly, with fewer words and an easier to understand structure. It's especially difficult when the person creating the explainer video (i.e. me) doesn't understand the product from reading the client's script, even after asking the client questions. You'd think that would send alarm bells ringing for the client that maybe their script just doesn't do the job. If you do happen to be writing an explainer script for your product or service then it pays to follow a tried and tested structure which is as follows: 1. Define the problem your product or service solves. 2. Introduce your product or service as 'the solution'. 3. Describe how your product or service solves the problem and why it's the best solution. 4. Summarize your product or service and what i