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Business Network Solution - Trouble in MyTown: Behind the Scenes

Just before Christmas 2011, approached me to create a general animation, using GoAnimate , to promote their new Networking System that is set to launch in February 2012. In just over a week on Youtube the animation has received more than 3500 views with many of those coming through sharing of the animation on Facebook. Which I think gives some food for thought on the value of utilizing animation to promote a business. The completed animation is below... My original first draft story board. Click to see bigger version. Story Boards The process for creating this animation began with MyNetworkOne coming to me with a script outline and a very rough storyboard that still needed some fleshing out. I took their ideas and created a rough draft story board (pictured right - click to enlarge). You'll notice this version ends with the MyNetworkOne Super Hero at the podium. Very different to the final animation. Over the course several emails we

Terry Gilliam - The Original Lazy GoAnimator

Terry Gilliam may never have used GoAnimate but I suspect, if there was a tool like it back in the days when he was producing his most famous cut-out animation for Monty Python's TV show, he would have used it in a second. "What there's something out there that's quicker and easier than cut outs and I'm not using it?!" The clip below is of Terry Gilliam running you through his entire process of creating cut-out animation. What strikes me most about it is that he spends the opening part of the show lampooning his 'laziness' and then  emphasizes that he chose cut-out animation because it was the "quickest and easiest form of animation that I know". As you watch, if you're familiar with GoAnimate's Studio, you'll realize that all of Terry's process could be done with Photoshop and GoAnimate. Not only that but you could make the process even quicker and easier since, with GoAnimate, you'd no longer have to painstakingly