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Whose Art is This? Training an AI to Make Fun Cat Images in My Art Style Using Open Art's PhotoBooth AI Workspace

AI image generation is a rapidly developing field. Currently a debate is going on about AI Art image generators being trained on practicing, professional artist works without their permission, allowing almost anyone to create images in those artist's styles without compensating the artists in any way at all. Not to mention, that most AI image generator output is generally defined, by the U.S. Copyright Office, Library of Congress , as in the 'public domain', able to be used commercially by anyone. Technically that means if I try to sell an AI generated image as prints, anyone else can come along and take the exact same image and sell it as prints too. Legally it's very much a developing situation alongside the development of AI tools themselves, with online AI generators, such a recently announcing a rewards program for AI model creators (an AI model is a general AI additionally trained on specific data sets, for example, many images from the same artist, t

Creating a 360 Head, Adding Spring Bones and Color Management - My Character Design Process for Puppet, Bone Rig 2D Animation in Reallusion's Cartoon Animator (Part 5 - Final)

I realize writing a five part series over almost three months makes creating a G3-360 SVG vector character in Cartoon Animator 5 look like a long and drawn out process. However, I want to assure you that, once you've designed your character and divided up, or created the bare minimum of required sprites, the actual rigging process should maybe take an afternoon to a day at most - excluding testing and refining the rig. Despite spending a lot of time debugging the Inkscape rigging template provided by Reallusion, I've also only been working on my character when I've sat down to write these articles every second week. (BTW, if you haven't read Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , or Part 4 , just follow those links... it's been quite a process). I expect my next character will take no more than a couple of days to rig. To continue on, this week I fix the final few character design issues, then I rig my character's G3-360 head, add spring bones, and set up the color managem