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Featured Animator: TotallyEpicHD - Hound Dog (Music Video)

TotallyEpicHD GoAnimator TotallyEpicHD  is the April winner of my GoAnimate, Get Featured in TET's Blog contest . TotallyEpicHD has had an account with GoAnimate since April of 2010 and in that time has amassed 757 fans and published 17 animations. TotallyEpicHD chose to feature a music video, Elvis Presley's Hound Dog, saying... I chose Hound Dog because it was probably my best animation skill wise (rather than popularity) and the feed back that I got from it was very pleasant and made me confident to represent my work. Keep reading after the video for more of TotallyEpicHD's behind the scenes commentary. Hound Dog by TotallyEpicHD on GoAnimate Animated Presentations - Powered by GoAnimate. Inspiration... I was inspired to make it because my two dogs are small, and people call them the "guard dogs" as an ironic joke, and I also felt like making a music video, so, those two combined, I came up with that. Main Challenge... The main problem t

Cool Froyd the Cat and Crazy Talk Animator Pro

Original Cool Froyd Painting. Acrylic on Canvas 2009 Cool Froyd is an original character painting (image right) that I created in 2009 based on a sketch I drew back in 1999. Since buying Crazy Talk Animator Pro I've thought Cool Froyd would be a good candidate for turning into an animated web series. Nothing too complex. I picture him as a kind of animated cat vlogger giving his views on any subject you can imagine in short 1 or 2 minute episodes. The following blog post documents my journey so far of turning a painting into an animation. I'm not going to go through every step in detail. This is just an overview of the process. Fitting the character skeleton. One thing I have become very familiar with is the character creation process of Crazy Talk Animator Pro (from here on in to be known as CTA). The easiest way to start is with a photo image imported into the Actor Creator to get your basic character skeleton (or bones in most other software terminology). N