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Koolmoves: Animating GoAnimate Stick Figures, Tweens and Action Script

In this tutorial I show you how to recreate a GoAnimate  Stick figure character in order to create your own animated custom stick figure movements with Koolmoves . In the process you'll learn about the role of 'tweens' and put the tiniest of nicks into learning action script so you can stop your animation from continuously looping. You'll need to have seen at least my first Koolmoves tutorial in order to set up your GoAnimate Character/Prop template file. The second tutorial is optional but will give you an overview of the drawing tools (if you are not familiar with them) and show you the first action you should animate with any completely custom character. All three parts of tutorial three are embeded below with some additional notes to let you know what each section contains. I know these tutorials are quite long, and I've tried to make them as interesting to watch as possible, but, if animating were easy, quick and simple... well we wouldn't have any n

Koolmoves Tutorials for GoAnimate - Parts 1 and 2

Quite a few people on GoAnimate have asked me to make a Koolmoves tutorial for creating flash props and characters suitable for use with the GoAnimate Studio. Well that day is finally here with this series of four videos that will give you more than enough learning to at least be making your own flash props - and will give you a kick start for animating characters too. Tutorial 1 The first video will step you through the process of setting up a template file suitable for using as a starting point for all your flash props and backgrounds. More than that, the way the template is set up is exactly how you need it for creating your own GoAnimate Community Characters - a feature that is currently only available to GoAnimate Beta Users but, if GoAnimate makes it widely available, you'll be ready. The tutorial finishes with showing how to upload your flash props/backgrounds/characters etc. into the GoAnimate Studio. Tutorial 2, Part 1 In part 1 I show you how to import a trace i

TET's GoAnimate Entry in Sydney Opera House Animation Competition

I've entered the Sydney Opera House's Graphic, Animation Competition . Submissions closed today and now there is on 2 DAYS for the public to vote for their favorite. The field of entries isn't  that big (I'm estimating about 40 entries) and near as I can tell I'm the only GoAnimate Entry. FIRST ROUND PUBLIC VOTING CLOSES ON JULY 20 (OMG THAT'S ONLY 2 DAYS!!!). Would you like to see a GoAnimate entry make it to round two in this prestigous competiton? Here's how you can help: To vote for my entry go to the competition page . Select 'VOTE'. Enter the name of my entry in the search box 'Relative Escape'. Then just give it a big green THUMBS UP! - Easy!  I'd really appreciate your support. There's a AU$20,000 grant 1st prize on this. I'll be posting my entry in this blog with some behind the scenes notes soon but for now if you want to see it, head over to the competition page and follow the instructions above.

Help TET Win with Star Trek in Xtranormal's Contest

Animation site Xtranormal is having a Summer Movie Contest  with a $1000 first prize and they also just released a new set of Star Trek themed characters and backgrounds called Trekkiez . I decided to combine the two into this blog post by featuring their new characters in my Summer Movie Contest entry below. If you enjoyed the above animation then I'd really appreciate it if you took a moment to visit the animations Youtube Page to click the Youtube 'Like' Button under the video . The top ten most liked videos will all win a prize. As mentioned, first prize is US$1000, with second prize being an iPad 2 and third an iPod Touch (any of which I'd be happy to win but first would be awesome). The competition ends at the end of July 2011. Long time fans of my online animations may find the theme and script of the above animation some what familiar. That's because I based it upon the ideas that feature in the script of my original GoAnimate, Star Trek Quogs seri