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Featured Animator: Nigel Ng - Story Telling Through Music and Animation

Partial Image from 'Character' by Nigel Ng. Nigel Ng's animation, Character, is different to the animation I usually feature in this blog in that it is a more conceptual style of animation and story telling. Designed to elicit an emotional response, it uses music to set the tone, and juxtaposes short animations to create a narrative. Animators tend to move towards this kind of sophisticated, conceptual storytelling later in their careers, so I was surprised to learn that Nigel has only been animating around 4 months.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Animated Short - Part 2

Final character art, scene one. Continuing to work on my Infinite Monkey Theorem animated short , I had hoped to have finished the entire final draft storyboard by now. However the holiday season being what it is, I didn't get as much time to work on it as I had hoped. Despite that I can show you the entire process of me taking the character (loosely based on myself) in the opening panel of the storyboard, from rough sketch to the final artwork that I'll use in the animation.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Animated Short - Part 1

Infinite Monkey Theorem. Back in my last Project Update post I mentioned my Infinite Monkey Theorem, Animated Short that I had begun working on that was designed to showcase, Reddy, my first color monkey character for CrazyTalk Animator 3. Up until recently I had been working a little bit on the project every weekday, however the project fell by the wayside in an effort to get my Mar-Rey Sue, Desert Scavenger finished by the end of November. Now that character is finished, I think it's time to get this animated short back into my work schedule.

Mar-Rey Sue, CrazyTalk Animator 3, G3 Character, Now Available for Your Next Star Wars Parody

Mar-Rey Sue - Ideal for your next 'Force Awakens/Last Jedi' parody. Desert Scavenger, Mar-Rey Sue, is now available to buy in my Reallusion Marketplace store for your next CrazyTalk Animator 3 Star Wars parody (or any desert based animation really). The character is a single side angle, G3 character that comes with a range of options and accessories.