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Animation: The Star Wars Fan

With Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise you can be sure there will still be Star Wars fans in the future - still bitching about how the original trilogy is still the best and how everything else pales by comparison no doubt. In a not too distant future, The Tourist and his travel companion, Mia, are standing on a subway platform with their R2D2 replica droid. They are approached by a Metro City Policeman, who just happens to be a Star Wars fan, and sees an opportunity to recreate a famous scene from the film. Behind the scenes, this GoAnimation is the most spontaneous I've made in a long time. I happened to notice that fellow GoAnimator,  RoTV , had made a character approximation of himself using GoAnimates Anime theme and wondered what I could come up with trying to create a version of me. Thus I came up with blonde haired 'Tourist' that you see in my video. I always depict myself wearing suits. I don't know why because I am the person least most

Featured Animator: Shishiden Studio - Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Music Video)

GoAnimator  Shishiden Studio   is the March winner of my GoAnimate, Get Featured in TET's Blog contest . Shishiden has had an account with GoAnimate since January of 2013 and in that time has achieved a following of 93 fans and created 17 animations. Shishiden Studio chose to feature a music video, Goonies 'R' Good Enough , saying about the choice: I have selected this animation for a few reasons. This animation was actually for a contest to win a fan. It was out of my comfort zone because I have never done a music video much less messed with anything else other then the Anime style. After completion of the animation, I felt I have leveled up and improved as an animator.   When I think about this animation, it reminds me this was the first step into becoming a serious animator. There is no attempt here to recreate the original music video nor even recreate scenes from the film. Instead Shishiden animates an original story using GoAnimate's Chibi Peepz theme. Ke

Papagayo - Free Lip Sync Tool for Animators

Papagayo is a free to download Lip Sync tool for animators. It's specifically designed for use with Moho Animation Studio but even on its own it makes for a useful planning tool for lip syncing your animations. At first glance the interface looks rather technical and complicated but a quick run through of the short tutorial reveals a very simple to use program. You'll be lip syncing easily within minutes. Unfortunately the current Windows version will only open .WAV files, which is a touch inconvenient for me as I usually record all my audio into MP3 files, but aside from that it works great. What the software allows you to do is audibly and visually lip sync your audio by matching typed words and phonetic sounds to the audio wave form, which in turn tells the animated mouth which image should display on what frame at any given time. Starting from the top, match the sentence, then the words to the voice clip as you hear them. Once you have your audio synced, if

GoAnimate Staff Pick Submissions

Ever since the closure of The GoAnimate Complaints Department due to Happy Bunny's license expiring there's been something of a gap in social satire of GoAnimate Staff and member relationships. I honestly don't think any of GoAnimate's existing characters could replace Jim Benton's Happy Bunny on the Complaints Desk. Rather than try to do that, I thought, why not look at another area of the site that could use a little help. There's always been areas of customer service where GoAnimate staff could use a little help - usually because they're too busy making the site even more awesome behind the scenes. At the time Staff picks and how to get one was a big talking point on the GoAnimate Forums (Staff picks are always a talking point). The biggest issue being how to get staff to actually view your animations. Thus I created the Staff Pick Submissions Department with Sid (Vicious?). Staff Pick Submissions by etourist on GoAnimate Animation Softwar