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Leeroy Jenkins Vs Captain Kirk

I'm aware that I've come late to the whole Leeroy Jenkins phenomenon a.k.a Ben Shultz who daringly bypassed his World of Warcraft team mates and their careful planning session to launch a one man attack on... well god only knows... I'm not a WOW player. Just watch the video below which started the whole thing. As you can see Leeroy basically got his entire team killed because he missed the planning meeting due to a snack attack - hence his last words "At least I have chicken". The video below is an interview with Ben, who's become something of a celebrity at gaming conventions, explaining what happened and giving that legendary battle cry. Anyhow, some time ago GoAnimator, Ludvig II , did a parody/mash up using some of the audio from the original clip (and possibly some audio from one of the many Leeroy Jenkins music mash ups) to match Leeroy up against Star Trek's, Captain Kirk and the U.S.S. Enterprise. What results is a hilarious contrast of Captain Ki

More GoAnimate Complaints & Animator Dominator

My original animation, The GoAnimate Complaints Department , is far and away my most successful Animation on GoAnimate to date. As of this post it has been viewed more than 6229 times, received 133 comments and recommended 57 times. It has also been sitting in the number one spot on GoAnimate's homepage as a Top Animation for at least two weeks (which is a long time in internet time). I never planned on making a second in the series but you know how it is. You think of an idea you left out, then another one, then another and before you know it there's enough to warrant a sequel. This time around I put out a call to GoAnimate members who had their own Avatar Head prop to feature themselves in their own animations. I thought it would be kind of cool to have actual GoAnimate members appear since this series includes so many community, inside jokes. In the end, my final animation was three times longer than the original and, by the feedback I received, even funnier than the first.

Here, There, & Everywhere by Mojochi

Here, There, & Everywhere by Mojochi Like it? Create your own at . It's free and fun! Thought I'd feature this very beautiful music video created by GoAnimator, Mojochi , because I really love the way each of the fairly complex background sets are constructed behind the central character and star, Match boy. I tried this technique a little myself many, many months ago in my GoAnimate Better Series featuring Match Boy & Girl demonstrating Speech Balloons but no where near the level of Mojochi's work. It really does show that almost anything is possible with GoAnimate's Animation Studio Editor.