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How to Become a Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) - 2D and 3D Software for Creating and Controlling Your Avatar

Young TET VRoid Avatar in VSeeFace. In a previous YouTube video I demonstrated how you could use a webcam, Cartoon Animator and its MotionLive 2D Facial Capture system to create a virtual avatar that you could perform live during a live stream. Unfortunately the motion capture performance of this system is very average to say the least, and is even more expensive if you want to add hand motion capture via a Leap Motion Controller . This lead me down a rabbit hole of seeing what other solutions are out there, where I bumped into the world of the VTuber or Virtual YouTuber (creators who puppet and voice an on camera avatar instead of appearing on camera themselves). Specifically VTuber software, which has been a real eye opener for how expensive and far behind Reallusion's upper body motion capture system actually is. The VTuber world is heavily entrenched in the world of Anime so you'll see a lot of 2D and 3D avatars in this style. If fact, if an Anime avatar is your thing, y

AE Juice Animated Backgrounds for Reallusion's Cartoon Animator, Adobe After Effects, and Other Video Editors.

Do you find yourself spending too much time creating background elements for your animations or just settling for flat colors or a static gradient as a back drop for your explainer videos? For myself I often just don't have the time to put more effort into my backgrounds (or I'm just too much The Lazy Animator ). Instant Animated Backgrounds AE Juice , who make animation presets, motion graphics, templates, and transitions packs for  After Effects ,  Premiere Pro , and  other video applications that support MP4 imports , have exactly what I needed with their  Animated Backgrounds Pack , which you can purchase individually or as part of several of their I Want It All Bundles  containing thousands of useful assets. I specifically purchased the AE Juice's Animated Backgrounds pack so I can continue to focus on all the foreground animation of my projects and instantly add another level of quality, with very little effort, by simply dropping in any of more than 100 animated ba