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Man of Steel - Super Kent Returns to GoAnimate

The character of Super Kent was one of my first creations on GoAnimate way back in 2008, not long after joining the site. The basic premise of the character is that he is a parody of Clarke Kent with the sole purpose of trying to convince his boss at the Daily Planet that he really IS Superman. Previously I created two comedy shorts, Super Kent and Super Kent Returns , both with the same format of Kent initially trying to convince his boss of his super powers without success. The boss then sends him to report on a breaking news story. It wasn't a character I had any plans to return to any time soon as I felt I'd moved on from my early GoAnimate superhero parodies. However TotallyEpicHD , the winner of my April TET Blog Contest, resurrected the character in his entry to my contest. Which inspired GoAnimator, gipsy, to make a flash version of Super Kent in his Super Suit. When I came across his post in GoAnimate's forum's I asked if he could create a flying actio

Featured Animator: Smirks - Shooting Star (Music Video)

GoAnimator Smirks is the May winner of my GoAnimate, Get Featured in TET's Blog contest . Smirks has had his account with GoAnimate since August of 2011 and in that time has amassed 2969 followers (formerly known as fans) and published 60 animations. Smirks chose to feature a music video, Shooting Star by Owl City, saying... I chose shooting star because it's one of my most inspirational video i have made, and because i think it's the best video i have made (skill wise). Shooting Star by Smirks on GoAnimate Inspiration... I was inspired to make it because I've noticed all the people, who are saying that they get picked on and saying that they are worthless (and believe me I have been there), and the song to me felt like it was saying that people can have their chance to shine anytime, so because of that I decided to make it. Main Challenge... The main problem making the video was the masking, like at the scene where it shows the 4 characters in the s

Bat Storm Episode 2, Part 1 Finally on GoAnimate

It's been approximately two years since I completed Bat Storm, Episode 1: Financial Crisis and finally the first part of Episode 2 is here. Bat Storm, Episode 2: Pain, continues from Episode 1. Super Charge is still undermining Bat Storm's efforts to fight crime and Detective Smith is still unhappy with any Superhero doing police work. Impressed by the Jokester's business model of look-a-like employees Bat Storm has started to expand his party appearance business with new look-a-like employees of his own. Meanwhile the Mayor's office has experienced several attempted break ins by a masked thief and Bat Storm takes it upon himself to apprehend the repeat offender. E2/Pt1 Bat Storm: Pain by etourist on GoAnimate Behind the scenes, I never intended to take this long to release Episode 2. In fact the original intention of the Bat Storm series was to write and release each episode quickly, within weeks of each other, until I had completed a series of six 24

Bat Storm, Cool Froyd, Business People, Alvin Owl - TET Project Updates

I realized that over the course of the last year or so I've started a number of projects in this blog and haven't really got back to them so I thought I'd give you an update on where things are at. Bat Storm, Episode 2 Last year I announced I was working on Bat Storm, Episode 2 , with an expected release date of August 2012. Obviously that didn't happen. For various reasons I had to shelve the project. The main one being me becoming some what frustrated with the direction things were going. I think I started to get a little too ambitious and I also didn't like having a script written in advance. I never wrote a script for Episode 1 , the story just evolved organically as I animated it. That's what really held my interest and pushed me to finishing it. I wanted to know how it ended. Recently I've released new Bat Storm, Episode 2 images onto my Facebook page because I've started working on it again. At the time of writing I have a full two min

Home Made Movies: Iron Man 3 and The Matrix

Thought I'd take a diversion from animation this week and explore the other side of my blog's title, video. I recently discovered CineFix's YouTube channel with their home made movies. What impresses me most about them is their ambitious undertaking to recreate contemporary film scenes and film trailers using almost entirely 'in camera' effects. If you're not familiar with the term 'in camera' it means, what the film maker shoots with the camera is what you see in the final scene with nothing added. Batman Trilogy director, Christopher Nolan is very big on 'in camera' effects, often only using digital effects to remove things like boom arms and wires from the action so you can't see how a character or vehicle is flying through the air. What makes CineFix's productions so interesting is that they're obviously trying to recreate expensive movie scenes and special effects on a very low budget. Watch their recreation, shot fo