Barrack Begins

Many people were disappointed when my highly successful Bikini Proposal series ended just as it was starting to really head off into the absurd. However I needed a break to give me some time to soak in some new ideas and to start looking for humor in America's new President.

As a self confessed Batman fan, as soon as I thought of the title Barack Begins as a parody of Batman Begins I had to use it. Barack is a known comic book fan with an interest in both Spiderman and Batman so whilst my opening joke may seem tenuous, at best, to link Barrack with my title, who knows? Maybe in his quieter moments he does pretend he's a superhero - just for fun.

Pt 1: Barack Begins

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When I started putting this animation together I decided to retain everything that people recognized from the Bikini Proposal including the Text to Speech voices (TTS). Originally I had planned to continue the Iraq war theme too but then I remembered the controversy that occurred when George W. Bush won his second term in office and thought; what if George Bush refused to accept he was no longer President?

The idea made for much better humor.

You may also be wondering how political satirist and comedy legend, John Stewart, ended up in there? He became a part of Barack's new administration simply because GoAnimate has yet to create characters for the new government's administration. (One wonders what will become of Dick Cheney's animated image in the future?).

Also, for those of you that don't understand the Golf reference, George vowed not to play golf whilst the Iraq war continued as a mark of respect for the troops and their hard work. I kind of assumed that he'd probably start playing golf again now that he's no longer the Commander in Chief.

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