Domkun: Sneep Watching with Mr Usaji

The fact that you can't upload any custom props, characters, backgrounds... uh... let's face it, custom anything onto Domo Animate has given rise to a fairly unique work around.

Domo Animate members have been using the existing props, which they combine to create new characters. Despite the fact that these new 'custom' characters are very tricky to animate it hasn't stopped their popularity.

Not wanting to be left out I thought I'd try to create my own unique character and see if I could animate it enough to seperate it from the static, background props.

What I came up with was the 'Sneep'. Something of a cross between a sheep and an anteater - basically a sheep with a snozzle (nose).

Sneep Watching (New Ending) by etourist

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

The Sneep in my animation is made from a cloud (body), two sets of antenae (legs and feet), hair (head), Horn (tail) and two cyclops eyes. A sneep is easy enough to animate if you just want to turn it's head or dip it's tail, however it becomes much harder if you want the whole animal to walk.

The only way you can make the entire character move is to animate each component seperately. Relatively easy if you want everything to move in a straight line but near impossible once you start trying to move things along curved lines. Hence I didn't even try.

Creating your own custom characters from the available props on Domo Animate presents an interesting challenge both technically and for the imagination. Well worth a try if you're looking for something different to do with your Domo animations.


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