Where's Your Helmet? - Behind the Scenes

Where's Your Helmet? is a short animation I made to accompany a post I wrote on my main blog titled "Life's Tough, Get a Helmet" - Literally!

Both the post and this animation are inspired by the quote "Life's tough, get a helmet" and both are humorous ideas about the thought that what if we took 'getting a helmet' literally.

You might think there's not really a lot of behind the scenes stuff to talk about on such a simple looking animation... and you'd be right. However that really is the point.

After creating so many fairly complex animations I thought I'd set myself a goal of doing something really simple. Just a simple script and a sparse execution. Make it all about the joke and not about the animation. I also wanted to create it as fast as possible.

Although it probably looks like I only spent ten minutes putting this animation together it was actually closer to two hours including coming up with the joke.

Animations like this are misleading in their simplicity. The character movements and how each shot is framed still has be planned out for maximum effect.

Then there is the audio which helps to bring such a simple environment to life. Hearing a character's footsteps and the scrunching of the paper bag add a touch of realism to a very unrealistic environment.

Based on the success of how this animation came together I really want to do more similar animations for my main blog but so far haven't written the type of posts that this kind of humor fits with.

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