Animating Comments with GoAnimate

One of the ideal uses for a website like GoAnimate is creating animations based upon comments, feedback and conversations online.

The kind of thing you just wouldn't sit down and spend months animating - well, maybe, if you're from Ardman Animations scouting for a new season of Creature Comforts you might - but for the rest of us... probably not.

However, just for a bit of fun with your friends or simply for your own amusement, animating an online discussion or comment is one of the things GoAnimate can do well without taking months away from more important animation projects.

Here's a recent GoAnimatation I did of an email reply I received about my post, Harry Partridge, GoAnimate, What I Observed.

I did send this person an actual email reply that, after thanking him for his comment, opened with the line written at the end of the animation.

The exchange of emails did lead to a slightly more interesting and coherent discussion than is presented here but the commenter's first email just reminded me of some old guy, like Grandpa Simpson, tapping out a rant on a typewriter thinking that the words would actually make a difference. Hence the reason I was tempted to animate it.

I don't want to prolong the whole Harry Partridge thing anymore than this. I just thought this type of animation is one of the most valid reasons to use a site like GoAnimate. Animations of this kind only appeal to a very minuscule number of people. You wouldn't want to spend months animating for such a small audience.


  1. Great blog! I just started learning to edit video. This is such a good resource. Thanks!

  2. how do you post a comment on goanimate? I love it but I NEED TO POST COMMENTS!!


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