Featured Animator: TotallyEpicHD - Hound Dog (Music Video)

GoAnimator TotallyEpicHD is the April winner of my GoAnimate, Get Featured in TET's Blog contest. TotallyEpicHD has had an account with GoAnimate since April of 2010 and in that time has amassed 757 fans and published 17 animations.

TotallyEpicHD chose to feature a music video, Elvis Presley's Hound Dog, saying...

I chose Hound Dog because it was probably my best animation skill wise (rather than popularity) and the feed back that I got from it was very pleasant and made me confident to represent my work.

Keep reading after the video for more of TotallyEpicHD's behind the scenes commentary.

Hound Dog by TotallyEpicHD on GoAnimate

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I was inspired to make it because my two dogs are small, and people call them the "guard dogs" as an ironic joke, and I also felt like making a music video, so, those two combined, I came up with that.

Main Challenge...

The main problem that I encountered while creating the video was the setup, which wound up being a dog that doesn't play by the rules, but the dog character that GoAnimate provides doesn't have much actions that would be easy to work with (in my opinion) and going along with the setup made it a little more challenging.

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  1. Congratulations! Excellent music video feature! :D

  2. I remember enjoying this when it first came out. Enjoyed it the second time as well. Have fun with your "Guard Dogs!"

    Congrats TotallyEpicHD

  3. great job TEHD, congrats


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