Featured Animator: Denom - Miquiliztli Yahochihua, Ep. 13

GoAnimator Denom is the June winner of my GoAnimate,Get Featured in TET's Blog contest. Denom has had his account with GoAnimate since April of 2011 and in that time has amassed 2528 followers and published 239 animations.

Denom chose to feature Episode 13 from his series, Miquiliztli Yahochihua, saying...

I chose this animation because it's one of my best animations and identifies me. Fighting animations are my thing. I tried to make something that has never been done before on GoAnimate. Not just with the animation, also with the voices.

Miquiliztli yahochihua episode 13 by Denom on GoAnimate


The inspiration came from a Dragon ball Z movie in which the strongest characters of the series fight each other, and the background music I chose.

Main Challenge...

I tried to make an exaggerated fight using very short scenes and several custom effects. The custom effects I used were the back view of one character, hit effects, power of different colors and a circular negative effect.

If you've enjoyed Denom's work then why not check out more of Denom's animations on GoAnimate.

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  1. I definitely liked the FX in that one. Congrats again Denom.


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