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TET journals the places he and sister, Lesley (otherwise known as The Blonde Rose), visited on a 2007 road trip across the southern end of Australia from Broken Hill to Perth and many places in between.

This collection of entries taken from TET's online blog, retells daily experiences as TET and Rose become obsessed with finding a statue, discovering art and retracing their steps from Whyalla to Perth (a journey their family first made in 1978).

If you have never stood on the southern edge of Australia, enjoyed the art of Broken Hill, toured the Clare Valley or driven the longest straight road in Australia then this book is a great travel guide for your own adventure. If you have done all that then relive your adventure through TET's casual and often opinionated writing style.

This book is for arm chair travelers as well as those who like to live the adventure.
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TET's Art Business Advice Blog Book

A collection of TET's blog posts detailing his experience and advice for artists wanting to earn a living selling their art online. Topics include; Pricing your art, Finding a market for your art, promotion, ways to earn money, selling on Ebay, Artist practice and much more. The section on Ebay should be particularly eye opening for any artist contemplating that particular market.

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