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Attention 2D Animator!
Struggling to Master ‘Rigging’ in Cartoon Animator 4?
(Unable to ‘rig’ your characters professionally?)

Master Rigging in Cartoon Animator 4
Introducing to you…

The course that transforms you from a hobby-animator to a professional…

The course that teaches you the skills to make you a super-skilled pro in Cartoon Animator…

If you’re struggling to move from a novice to a professional in Cartoon Animator,

If you’ve tried every course possible to master the software,

...and you're still not able to ‘rig’ your characters the way you want,

Then you’re about to get a power-packed, full-circle course on rigging characters in Cartoon Animator 4.


As an animator, you know the pain of enrolling into course after course, and watching an endless number of free videos on YouTube, just to get a complete hold of rigging characters in Cartoon Animator 4.

The problem: All the knowledge is scattered in free courses. You’re unable to process them effectively.

Solution? Rigging Mastery in Cartoon Animator 4  has it all in one place.

Primarily, you wanted to learn how to rig your own 2D characters.

Did you succeed? Unfortunately, no. You want to create the animation you have in your mind, but it kept on going wrong?

Like this...

A Rigged Character with unexpected and incorrect bone movements.

You’ve created a beautiful-looking character but you’re unable to tell your story with animation because you aren’t able to make your character move the way you want.


I understand how it feels. I’ve been in your shoes.

I couldn’t find a single course that covered Cartoon Animator 4's powerful character rigging tools comprehensively.

Then I found this power-packed course...

‘Character Rigging Mastery in Cartoon Animator 4’
by 2DAnimation101

Character Rigging Course by 2D Animation 101

A comprehensive course on rigging characters in Cartoon Animator 4 to make you a master at rigging your own characters.

This easy-to-understand course is a complete package to learn how to create, rig, and animate your characters exactly how you want them to move.

If rigging is something that seems overwhelming, because it takes too long, and you don’t feel confident enough to get the results you imagined, then this course is what you need.

Want to know how to rig your characters 4x faster?

The Course includes Rigging Accelerators to speed up the process.
You say ‘rigging takes hell lotta time!’ Right. Yes, it does.

The creators of ‘Rigging Mastery’ heard you say that and have developed a supreme bonus feature:

Rigging accelerators

A set of automations for Adobe Photoshop to accelerate the rigging of images. (also works with the free online graphics app Photopea).

Rig characters in a jiffy!

After the completion of this amazing course, you’re going to rig your characters effortlessly and accurately.

What other animators think of as a ‘tedious task’ now becomes a cakewalk for you.

What ‘real’ skills you’ll learn?

  • How to make your character's parts come together smoothly.
  • Special attention on the ‘joints’ of the body.
  • How to add accessories like wings, tails, etc.
  • Learn to create rigs that work perfectly along with motion clips.
  • What size your characters should be.
  • Create your own character and rig it accurately.
  • How to use accelerators to speed up the rigging process.
  • Most importantly: Learn what to do if the rig doesn’t work!
The course is not just a compilation of video lessons. It has so much more, including a proven and tested system to help you fix your rigs.

Did your rigging get stuck? No worries. All the answers are just one click away.

What if I don't have my own character art? Where can I get my characters from?

Character from stock site, rigged and animated by TET.
Character from stock site, rigged
and animated by TET.
The course teaches you how to take any characters from stock sites like; Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Freepik. Then:
  • Prepare it!
  • Rig it!
  • And... Animate it!
Every process is covered.

‘But the downloaded characters come in .ai format (Illustrator file). What if I don’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator?’


Didn’t I say it’s a comprehensive course?

Here is another unique value of this course:

A bundled-along bonus course!

Illustrator Essentials for Character Design Bonus Course.
‘Illustrator essentials for character design’
 teaches you how to use Adobe Illustrator for character design. After the completing this course, modifying downloaded characters becomes fun!

Rigging Mastery in Cartoon Animator 4 is divided into 8 levels to make learning easy (you would never believe rigging is this easy)

  1. Rigging a simple photo.
  2. Rigging a layered character.
  3. Rigging a family photo.
  4. Rigging a complex character.
  5. Rigging a simple template.
  6. Rigging a 3-part-limb character.
  7. Rigging a complex character.
  8. Expressive 360 faces.

Let's see the result in action:

Below is a real-life sample of a successful YouTube video by Rigging Mastery student, Jared Smith:

by Family Life Studios Songs

This video has garnered more than 90k views in less than 3 months!

Imagine the satisfaction of watching your characters come alive… PRICELESS!

Rigging Mastery in Cartoon Animator 4 is a power-packed, high-value course created for passionate animators. It’s created with the idea that you shouldn’t be searching other sources for answers.

Not only that but the skills you'll learn are in high demand and there is a market for fully rigged, original characters.

Once you complete the course…
  • Make money by creating your own original characters as a freelancer.
  • Make money rigging characters other people's character designs.
  • Make more money selling your original characters in the Reallusion Marketplace
Is working as a professional animator in the industry your dream? Get closer to it by learning how to rig and animate your own 2D characters in Cartoon Animator 4.

This phenomenal training program costs just  USD$397.

It teaches you everything about character creation and rigging. Everything, I mean it!

30 day money back guarentee
If you still have any doubts over its value, great news: 2D Animation 101 has a 30 days money-back guarantee. 100% Refund. No question asked.

‘Yes, I want to master ‘rigging’ and become a complete pro’

  • This page contains 2D Animation 101 affiliate links that help keep this site free. Thank you for your support.

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