The Dork Knight

It's not easy being a Super Hero when the criminals don't respect you and you're still in school. We join young Master Bruce as he attempts to disperse his own vigilante brand of justice as the caped crusader. Succeeding mainly in cementing his reputation as a Dork, the Dork Knight.

GoAnimate is an exceptionally fun site for amateur animators that just want to get straight in and tell their stories without the hassle of actually having to create characters and animating them.

I discovered the site in August of 2008 and soon hooked back into the animation bug that has always been with me, on and off, ever since I became interested in cartoons as a child. I began by creating parodies of popular superheros, the first being Batman otherwise known as The Dark Knight.

GoAnimate has a great Nerdy looking character called Eddy whom is the star of my Dark Knight parody. It only took a couple of my own bad custom props, a cape and a cowl, to turn him into The Dork Knight.

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