Dorkman Returns

My original Batman parodies, The Dork Knight and Dorkman Begins, were both Staff picks on GoAnimate and proved popular. Just like Warner Brothers, when you're onto a good thing... you make another sequel.

Dorkman Returns not only references at least four different Batman films with its humor but also references my two previous Dorkman animations. Perhaps when you start referencing your own work it's time to stop?

I think this animation started out rather strong, contains some good humor but kind of fades at the end. Importantly it ends with Bruce's struggle to be cool still unresolved - paving the way for more stories should I wish to try another episode.

Watch for my custom items including; Dorkman Symbol, Joker face, Bat cowl and cape, new Bat Cowl, Scarecrow and clown masks. There's even a cameo by Super Kent.

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