Full Energy Fishing

GoAnimate's Full Energy theme is intriguing. I can conceive many ideas for it however the individual characters have such limited movement that it would take some dedication to realize what I had in mind.

My animation, Full Energy Fishing, below, is a case in point.

Fishing - Full Energy by etourist

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I won't go too much into explaining the joke. You either understand the absurdity of what Dave is doing and his attempt to rationalize it by pointing out that Boss is doing something even sillier or you don't.

The point of this article being that when I started this particular animation I had a much bigger and potentially funnier story in mind but didn't want to get into the technicalities of making it happen. I needed actions like Dave being able to use a fishing rod and to fire a shot gun. Two actions that you might expect these trailer park dwellers to perform but unfortunately they can't.

To make those actions happen I would've had to created a few custom props of Dave using a fishing rod and a shot gun. I just didn't want to get into something that complex because the only reason I started this animation in the first place was to get a bit of a break from another complex animation I was working on. Essentially this animation was just meant to be a bit of easy fun.

I do like the end result of what I eventually made but one can only imagine what this animation could have been had I given it more time.

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