Man of Action - Dudeman32 Story Challenge

Dudeman32 is a GoAnimate member whom I felt created an interesting animated character coincidently called, Dudeman32.

This beer drinking, head transplanted, war hero with the unusual looking head seemed to have a lot of potential for some serious animated action adventure. At least that's what I thought after watching Dudeman's Story below. It's a bit of an epic but you really only need to watch the first five minutes as the second half is just listening to music.

Dudeman's Story by Dudeman32

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Dudeman32 himself (the GA member not the cartoon character) asked if I'd be interested in participating in his Dudeman32 story challenge. I said maybe but, after seeing the rules of what to include, I had an idea just snap into my head. Hence I decided to put something together.

The animation had to include Barack Obama, Sara Palin, Tom (the blue body used for the Dudeman Character with Dudeman's head) with any head, and the Doctor. The whole thing had to be two minutes or more long. Although I could've put any head on Tom I chose to stay with the Dudeman32 head because that character was the whole reason I got interested in the first place.

Below is what I came up with.

Man of Action - Dudeman32 Story Challenge by etourist

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

Initially I only had enough of an idea for one minute of animation. Originally it ended after the head transplant scene with the doctor. However Dudeman32 wanted two minutes so I extended it out with the bar and TV studio scenes.

So far the animation has been well received and was a Staff Pick on GoAnimate.

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