Infinite Monkey Theorem Animated Short - Part 2

Final character art, scene one.
Continuing to work on my Infinite Monkey Theorem animated short, I had hoped to have finished the entire final draft storyboard by now. However the holiday season being what it is, I didn't get as much time to work on it as I had hoped.

Despite that I can show you the entire process of me taking the character (loosely based on myself) in the opening panel of the storyboard, from rough sketch to the final artwork that I'll use in the animation.

Obviously the main image at the top of this post shows the final character so, just to remind you of how the character started out, below is the rough sketch version.

The original rough sketch.

The basic steps I followed to create the final version was:

  • Import the rough sketch into Clip Studio Paint.
  • Sketch a more refined version of the character.
  • Trace the outlines onto a vector layer for easier line work editing.
  • Break up the body parts into their own layers.
  • Add raster layers to add all the coloring.
  • Position the character in the pose for the storyboard.
  • Export final image back to the storyboard.

The actual finished artwork, in Clip Studio Paint is set up so it'll be easy to import the body parts into CrazyTalk Animator 3 and add them to a bone rig. I'm actually hoping I'll be able to import the whole file as a G3 Freebone character template, so that the bone rig will automatically be created from the file but I'll need to look into how to adjust my file into a G3 Freebone template file.

Watch the video below for a more detailed look at how this character was created. Hopefully next week I'll have the final storyboard done and will be ready to animate.

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