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Learn 2D Animation Online in 1 Hour - FREE Cartoon Animation Video Tutorial

You have always dreamed of creating cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry, The Simpsons, or Spongebob but ...

Learn 2D Animation in 1 Hour for Free
Can't draw? Purchase royalty free,
ready to animate, characters from
hundreds of talented artists.
Something stopped you from learning every time. 

I hear a ton of people like you saying this:

"I always wanted to learn animation and create cartoons. It's my passion, but I'm no artist and I have no qualifications to learn.
I can't learn."

If you're saying this too, then


The good news is, We've got you covered.

Learning 2D animation is made simple and fun. No experience required. No art skills required.

The powerhouse brand in the animation sector, '2D Animation 101' presents a FREE 2D animation foundation course that teaches you the complete process of producing professional, cinema-quality animation.

Starting from idea creation to full-fledged animated shorts using 'Cartoon Animator 4', one of the easiest, professional quality, animation applications to learn.

With live recorded video classes by Mark Diaz, CEO at 2D Animation 101 and more than 15 years of industry experience, he has mentored 1000's of non-professionals like you to fulfill their dreams of becoming Professional Animators and Video Editors.

Anime Scene by 2D Animation 101. 
Learn how to produce animation like this.

Course Structure:

The course is divided into easy to understand sections.

Each section includes short video lessons from Mark and can be viewed in under 10 minutes, making them easy to grasp.

The entire course is just 10 minutes a day, 5 days in total. At the end of the course, you will be planning to create your first, awesome 2D animated cartoon on your own.

Okay, I hear you say,

2D Animation 101 can teach you to draw as well.
2D Animation 101 can teach
you to draw as well.
"I will learn the basics perfectly but what if I want to learn advanced concepts and master 2D animation?"

Once again, we've got you covered!

This obligation-free course includes links to other powerful '2D Animation 101' courses to help you master the art of animation. Courses include but not limited to,
  • How to create Storyboards
  • How to Draw Anime Characters
  • How to rig characters in Cartoon Animator 4.
  • There's even a course in hand-drawn animation (you'll love it!).

Top Benefits of The FREE Video Course:

Easy to understand video lessons. Even a 6th grader can understand these crystal clear lessons.

Absolutely no artist skills required.

Designed and conducted by top animation guru 'Mark Diaz'. His 15 years of vast experience in animation covers everything you need to become a professional animator.

Video classes are concise, to the point, and short.

The course is perfect for people that want to learn animation as a hobby or become a professional.

What do students say about '2D Animation 101' courses?

"I've been enrolled with 2D Animation 101 for several years and have always found the courses taught by Mark Diaz and his team to be both entertaining and highly informative" - David Arandle

“I've known Mark Since 2019 , I've taken many courses with him and many are free, he is the best teacher of principle of 2d animation, he is also one of the best motivation speakers , don't miss his TED talks about cartoon animation.” - Musa Addie (via Udemy).

* This page contains affiliate commission links that help keep this site free and give financial support my own animation career and projects.
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