Nature Photography with Domokun and Mr Usaji

My previous animation, Sneep Watching, started something of a mini cult following for the Sneep amongst Domo Animate users who included Sneep's in their animations.

Capitalizing on that success I decided to see what other custom critters I could make from the available props and objects on Domo Animate. In the end I came up with the Parra Tweet, a bird made from various head props in the Stick man theme.

Once I'd done that I needed an animation to feature the new bird. Since I'd already established Mr Usaji as a bit of a nature photographer in Sneep Watching I decided to continue the theme.

This time Mr Usaji attempts to show Domo the pleasures of nature photography but Domo doesn't quite get it. He's just too excited every time he spots something to take a photograph of.

Nature Photography with Domo and Mr Usaji by etourist

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

As you can see I once again used limited frame animation to make the Parra Tweet fly. I get a lot of questions asking me how to do this but it really is just a question of adding really short, 0.2 of a second, scenes in the Domo Studio, then moving the bits of the Para Tweet I want to move just a little at a time. Just like old style animation really.

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