Skate Monkey (Part 3) - My first Crazy Talk Animator Multi-Dimensional Character

Work on my Skate Monkey character for Crazy Talk Animator 2 continues and I'm happy to say it's nearly done. If you haven't read my previous posts follow these links, Part 1, Part 2.

Below is a very short video demonstration of the character so far pulling a few dance moves. There's a few minor issues that you may or may not notice but otherwise I'm quite happy with the character's general look and how the body is working.

Obviously I've still to add a tail to my monkey. I'm not quite sure how best to do this yet. CTA2 characters do have provisions for a tail with multiple sections but it seems like a hold over from CTA1's G1 characters and don't work so well with CTA2's G2 mutlti-dimensional characters.

Other things still to do is all the facial expression graphics and hand graphics (for different hand positions and motions).

I've also developed the monkey as a character capable of utilizing the new character styles feature of CTA2 that allows you to change a character's look between any one of ten different styles with just a click. Unfortunately I've encountered a problem there that's a little too hard to explain to anyone not familiar with vector art. I'm waiting to see what Reallusion support says about the issue because it may just be a bug.

Hopefully by next week this character will be done and I can start producing a few animations for your enjoyment.

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  1. He is Fantastic, Wow---it seemed seamless to me. Nice Job!


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