Xtranormal: World Domination Robot Reports In

Xtranormal's online studio is a good way to take a break from the challenges of visualizing a complete script to just focus on a single scene with dialogue. So that's what I do from time to time.

The Robotz theme characters are actually a collection of retro constructed robots made from hardware that seems to be mostly pre-1980 back to very early twentieth century.

In this sketch the very latest in World Domination Robots reports for duty in some large industrial type complex of the future (I think the set is actually the bridge of a space craft). It's not long before he realizes he's not as impressive as he first thought.

The idea for this sketch is really just me messing about. I like the idea of contrasting grand ideas with the intricacies of every day life. Who really cares if you're the latest in World Domination Robots if it's peace time and you have a broken toaster?

Although Xtranormal looks deceptively easy there's actually more work than simply typing in the dialogue. I like to choose my camera angles and I also like to augment what the characters say with their libraries of preset actions. By doing this I feel you end up with a better quality animation than if you stick with everything on automatic and just enter the dialogue.

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