Reallusion iClone 6 - My First Animation (Part 2)

Custom ToonMaker
Character, iClone 6.
Last post I introduced you to iClone 6 and my first full project using Reallusion's premiere 3D software animation tool. My project is a short promotional video for my Animation4Business service.

As explained last time I actually sketched out a storyboard for this video (like actual hand drawn sketches) which is something I rarely need to do using animation tools like GoAnimate where it's just as easy to create the storyboard directly from the actual components that will be animated.

Because of this I thought you may find it interesting to see a key scene comparison of my hand drawn storyboard with the actual finished scenes which I've posted below.

As you can see my final scenes aren't too far away from what I had in my sketches. Overall the animation looks fairly simple but it has taken the best part of just over a week to create this 30 second promotion.

One of the most complex scenes in my
promotional animation, scene 8.
The most complex part was scene 8 which shows a crowd of various characters from iClone, CrazyTalk Animator 2 and GoAnimate. The scene only lasts for about 2 seconds or so but it took me the best part of a couple of days and four different programs to bring all the elements together.

You can see the video in its entirety below. Oh and this video is the debut of my new Animation4Business logo too.

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