Desert Scavenger, Mar-Rey Sue, CrazyTalk Animator 3, G3 Character - WIP/Part 3

CTA3 Bone Editor Preview.
If you've been following my posts on creating my CrazyTalk Animator 3, G3, Desert Scavenger Character, Mar-Rey Sue (note the revised spelling of 'Mar-Rey' from 'Ma-Rey'), then I hope you'll be excited to learn the main character rig is finished.

That's right, all of the sprites are complete, the bone guides are in place, and I've imported the character into CrazyTalk Animator 3.

Naturally the first import attempt was not perfect. There was quite a few adjustments to be made to the character template to get things working well.

Also of note is that if you misspell a folder name in the template it can result in parts of the character not being imported into CTA3 at all. In my case, all the sprites for the character's right eye didn't import on the first attempt because I accidentally spelt 'right' with two 't's on the template folder.

Second attempt, I fixed all the issues I discovered on the first. I'll test the character a bit more before official release but for the most part it's looking good (though if you watch the diary video below you'll see I found a bug that needs ironing out).

Check out the GIF I put together below of Mar-Rey doing her 'happy dance' using two pre-made G3 actions. I think it really shows off how well the character rig is working.

Get your Happy Dance On!
Watch the video below for a little more information about the character and my process thus far.

All that remains to do now is to create her weapon - which will be a multi-sprite affair that includes her hands holding it in various positions. I also want to include an animated, flowing robe accessory for the more ambitious animators who'd like to up the level of detail in their animation.

All going to plan this character will be in my Reallusion Marketplace store by early next week.

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